In Osaava Farmari project you can find different educational courses/trainings supporting your farm and farm’s environment development. The offered courses are planned and designed so that you can use the new pieces of information right away on your farm.

You are given an opportunity to learn accounting, taxation and how to control the risks. You will also learn how to make budgeting and economical calculation for your own farm. Moreover, we are also offering education about contract laws and workforce management.

The courses are design on the based on the stairs of continuing learning model. They start from the basics and end up when you are fully capable of using new skills and knowledge in your farm. This model gives you flexibility to pick and choose the level of the courses, which is the most suitable for you to start with.

You can keep all the materials you will be provided with and use whenever you need to. You can find more exact information about the courses in the courses section.

Provided courses:

Production costs: the course offers you a chance to make production costs calculation, for your current production line. You also get an opportunity to learn how you can use the calculation to improve your current production.

Profit margin: the course offers you to learn how to make a profit margin calculation and how you can use it to develop your farm current production.

Budgeting: the course offers you to learn how the make a monthly based budget and how the develop and control your companies economic planning.

The production process: the course offers you to learn the diversity of the farm’s processes and how to measure them. You will learn how to use those measurements for further development of your farm.

Workforce management: the course offers you to learn recruitment, work statute, calculation of salaries as well as what are the different obligations of employer and employee.

Risk control in the farmthe course offers you to learn essential tools to recognize the risks, as well as what to do to minimize or remove them and what is the best way of prevention from the future potential risks appearing. This course gives you a great possibility to turn your farm into a safer place to live and work.

Co-operation and networking: the course offers you to learn what are the opportunities of networking and co-operations and how you can benefit from doing it. You will get some instructions and guidance how you can build functional networks with your partners and peers.

Farm Development: the course helps you identify your farm’s resources and how to benefit from them, as well as what kind of resources you are short off and where to get them from to take the next step.

Bookkeeping and taxation: the course offers you to learn the basics on bookkeeping, financial statement, income- and value added taxes. The focus of the course is that by the end of the process you are able to make a double entry bookkeeping.

Long lasting agriculture company education: the course offers you to learn the ways how you could pay more attention to long lasting developments principles in your farming company.