Competent Farmer

Osaava farmari – Competent farmer

The main aim of this project is to provide farmers with the courses in the scope of economy and entrepreneurship to support their learning and development, which we believe, will positively influence their economical status.

To do that, we decided to build all the courses based on the stairs of continuing learning model, which is inclusive of farmers’ knowledge level diversity, enabling them to start from the level they feel is right for them.

To help the farmers recognize and realize their own know-how level in terms of economy and entrepreneurship, we are providing them with the competence mapping tool. It will skillfully navigate them through the themes of the courses as well as their different levels.

We strongly believe that an opportunity to network and peer learning are great fulfillment of the provided courses.

With continuing learning model, we plan and tested short and precise forms of courses/trainings within the area of economy, entrepreneurship, and management, to find the best and most supporting form of learning for the farmers willing to participate in the program.

Moreover, this project will create foundations for permanent network operating model between Universities of the Applied Sciences in Finland, so that they learn new ways of cooperation between one another with the aim of supporting farmers in continuing learning process. All the work within this project as well co-operation has been done within AgriHub network.